Bobby V – Songs, Net Worth & Biography 2020

Bobby V Songs, Net Worth & Biography 2020

Name: Bobby Marcel Wilson
Stage Name: Bobby V ( Bobby Valentino)
Date Of Birth: February 27, 1980
Country of Origin: America
Source of Wealth: Singer, Songwriter & actor
Genre: Hip Hop and R&B
Labels: SoNo Recordings| E1 | Capitol |  Blu Kolla Dreams | EMI | J Defam | Disturbing tha Peace
Networth: US$6 Million (2020)
Biography: Bobby Marcel Wilson, popularly known by the stage name Bobby V ( Bobby Valentino), is an South African singer, songwriter, and actor.


Robert Wilson (born on February 27, 1980), better known by his stage name Bobby Valentino, or Bobby V is an American R&B singer (his nickname being “Valentino” because he was due to be born on Valentine’s day) known for his tenor. He is known as Bobby V or Bobby V-Tino in the United Kingdom due to a lawsuit involving a British musician who has been recording under the same name since 1975.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Bobby moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he attended North Atlanta High School. He later returned to his old high school appearing on the debut episode of MTV’s Once Upon A Prom, which aired on May 19, 2007. Bobby entered the music scene in 1996 as a member of the R&B youth quartet Mista, at this time using his real name, Bobby Wilson. Under the production of Organized Noize (TLC’s “Waterfalls”), the group released their self-titled debut album, which produced the chart topping single, “Blackberry Molasses.” Unfortunately, the album didn’t follow in the same success and despite a second album being produced by Tim & Bob, it was never released. Due to management issues the group split in 1997. Bobby later enrolled at Clark Atlanta University majoring in Mass Communication’s and pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. While in school, Bobby continued to record in his free time in hopes of one day returning to the stage. In the spring of 2002 he auditioned for season one of American Idol, but didn’t make the cut.

After graduating in 2003, Bobby decided to focus on music again. Armed with three albums of demos, he set out to pursue his music career dream. The demos reached Puff Daddy who then forwarded them onto Ludacris and Disturbing Tha Peace president Chaka Zulu, and “the rest is history” as Bobby says. Soon after being signed as the first R&B artist on Disturbing Tha Peace Records, Bobby was featured on the hit single “Pimpin’ All Over the World,” off of Ludacris’ multi-platinum selling album The Red Light District in 2004.

Bobby V Songs:

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